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Athens – Work in Progress Forum III


Dear Alumni,

For most of you it has been quite long since the first time you have attended the Epidaurus Summer Course organized by the European Network of Research and Documentation of Performances of Ancient Greek Drama (Arc-Net). The road so far has been full of wonderful memories, acquaintances and knowledge. However, we strongly feel that the course should be updated in order to better correspond to your needs and the necessities of nowadays. In that context we are organizing in September the biggest alumni meeting so far, under the title Athens Work in Progress Forum III.


First of all, the forum will be held in Athens. The fixed dates for the forum are going to be from the 7th of September (arrival date) until the 11th (departure) date.


Although in due time we are going to send you more information concerning your presentation, I should inform you that their duration is going to be 15 minutes each and the subject is open, meaning that you can talk about whatever you want in the context of theatre or classic and what have you been doing these past years. We would hugely appreciate a summary of your presentation (around 300 words), but I will return to that matter with a new email, also stating the deadline (probably it’s going to be sometime in late August).


Regarding your accommodation we have made contact with a travel agency that can book for you the rooms. Since the forum will be held in downtown Athens, we’ve tried to find hotels that will be convenient. For inquiries concerning the hotels please refer to thodoris@nordix.gr. If you think it will be more convenient for you, you can also make your own arrangement, without referring to the travel agency. Also by the end of the month I will send you a list with all the participants of the forum, along with the email addresses. Since there are a lot of you that already know each other you can discuss staying in the same room in order to lower the cost (if by any chance someone does not want to share his email address in the participants list, please notify me).

On another matter, the fee remains the same (150 euros) and will cover meals and operating costs.

Thank you again for your answers and please confirm if you are still interested and will be able to participate in the following email (marios19789@hotmail.com). Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Best Regards,

The Arc-net Team