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Athens – Work In Progress III


Dear all,

As we weren’t in position to organize a summer course this year we had decided to organize the third Work in Progress Forum (as we did with great success in 2007 and 2010). Our hope was that this event would be a wonderful occasion that would make us meet and live again within the friendly and productive atmosphere that made our encounters so special and unforgettable. As you all know, these past few years, our country has gone through a difficult crisis and despite this we managed to offer activities on a level of quality that made us all very happy.

            The recent events in Europe have preoccupied us and we reached out many of you every time we heard worrying news.

            We are aware that several of you have been very preoccupied with the financial situation in the UK and in Europe after the referendum of the 23rd of July. And we know how much the tragic terrorist attack in Nice on the 14th of July added to the feeling of uncertainty and concern in all our countries. We understand that all these events obliged some of you cancel your participation at the Forum.

            The events since the last weekend in Turkey worried all of us. We communicated with all our friends in Turkey and were reassured that everybody is well. However, we now have learned that they will not be permitted to travel due to the measures taken after the coup attempt. We hope that at this moment that I write these lines everybody is well as the news arriving are increasingly worrying.

            Under these circumstances we have unfortunately decided to cancel the Works in Progress Forum III. Given the heavy atmosphere of these days we believe that we would not have an event that would meet our expectations.

            In 2017 our Network will celebrate its 20 years of activity. We shall continue our efforts to keep our collaboration going. We shall contact you the soonest possible in order to invite you to an event we plan to organize in 2017, to celebrate this anniversary. We hope to celebrate the twenty years of this spontaneous and friendly collaboration of our scholars’ network and also plan together with you our future projects. We are sure that we can continue our meetings and courses, hoping that for many years to come we shall create more occasions to communicate and meet in the festive and fruitful spirit that we all know and enjoy.

With all best wishes