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Epidauros – Work in progress forum 2007


15 – 18 July 2007

The Epidauros Work-in-Progress Forum, organised by the European Network of Research and Documentation of Performances of Ancient Greek Drama , took place in Epidaurus from the 15th to the 18th of July 2007. The Forum was a reunion of the past students of the annual Intensive Courses since 2002. The programme of the Forum included a wide range of papers related to the current research or theatre projects of the participants.
Peter Stein, Tony Harrison and Vassilis Papavassileiou were invited as keynote speakers to discuss aspects of their work on ancient drama. Their talks took place in the archaeological sites of Epidaurus and were open to the audience. The Forum participants also had the opportunity to watch the performance of Luigi Cherubini’s Medea at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus.

The main goal of the Forum was to establish the dialogue among young scholars and theatre practitioners who share common interests in the field of ancient drama and its reception. In order to keep this dialogue open the European Network is planning the following activities:
· Publication of the Forum proceedings

· The development of The Alumni Network

· Organisation of the Forum on a regular basis (every three years)

The participants can be found here.