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Tickets and documents

Why do you need receipt of travel to Greece -tickets-boarding pass- a copy of passport and of student card as well?

The documents which prove student mobility are required by the Erasmus Programme, which is one of the funding sources of the Summer School.
Be kind enough to keep safely every document of your travel to Greece, including tickets and boarding passes. Two copies of the ticket and the boarding pass as well as two copies of your passport and of your student card should be given to a member of the Organising Committee. In case you make an on-line booking, please make sure to print out a copy of your ticket and have it with you.
Those students whose fees are paid by the Arcnet should submit their original tickets and boarding passes.

What do you mean by a student card?

A valid card issued by your university which proves that you are a registered student.

Summer Course

Are there any ECTS points?

Four ECTS points can be awarded for the course when the students have given a presentation. It can be extended to 6 points when the supervisor of the home university agrees – because the work at the home university has been continued or the preparation has been taking more time.

When will I get the programme of the Summer School?

You will be given the final programme upon arrival.
For the programmes of the past Summer Courses, click here.

Why should I leave a copy of my presentation?

One of the main goals of the European Network of Research and Documentation of Performances of Ancient Greek Drama is to promote the exchange of information on the production of modern performances of ancient Greek Drama. All material of your presentation will be a valuable contribution to the Arcnet database. Be sure to submit a digital copy of your presentation and the supporting material that you might use (CD/ video/photos/slides etc.) to a member of the Organising Committee.

What is the technical support I can have for my presentation?

We can provide PC for PowerPoint presentation, CD and DVD player, VHS video, overhead projector and slide projector. Please let us know what you will need for your presentation.

How many copies of our handout do we need to bring?

Forty copies would be sufficient.

Accommodation and transportation

Where is the meeting point once I arrive in Athens?

There is usually a coach departing from the Athens International Airport to transport the students to the place where the course is held. A member of the Organising Committee meets with the students at the Information Desk of the airport. Therefore, it is very important to let the organisers know the exact time of your arrival so that they make all necessary arrangements for your transportation.

Useful links and telephones:
Municipality of Lavrion: +30 22920 20102, www.lavreotiki.gr info@lavreotiki.gr
Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park (LTCP): www.ltp.ntua.gr
Medical Centre (Lavrion): +30 22920 22222
Medical Centre (Epidavros): +30 27530 22222
Hellenic Festival: www.greekfestival.gr