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Work in progress 2007 Participants


The Forum was a reunion of students who had participated in all the Summer Courses since 2002:

Sofia Alexiadou, (“Maria Callas at Milan’s Teatro alla Scala”)

Michaela Antoniou, (“Time, Space and Acting out Tragedy in Greece: A Relationship”)

Judith Blankenberg, (“Text and Space in Adaptation of Novels”)

Stefano Giovanni Caneva, (“Between Drama and Ideologies: Oedipus’ Case in the Yoruba Theatrical Practice and Theory”)

Hélia Correia, (“Medea in Epidaurus”)

Elina Dagonaki, (“The Chorus of Electra (Maria Lampadaridou-Pothou, 1971): A Political ‘Anti-tragedy’ under the Colonels’ Nose?”)

Afroditi Dimopoulou, (“English and Irish Drama on the Greek Stage”)

David Drozd, (“Oresteia Reversed”)
Liz Fitzgerald, (“The Classical Greek Male as “the Other”: Medea’s Revenge”)

Rowan Fraser, (“Aeschylean Interactions of Male and Female Characters”)

Verda Habif, (“Principles behind Stage Performance and Acting in Ancient Greece and Contemporary Theatrical Approaches”)

Conor Hanratty, (“Perseus Mirror and the Empty Arch”)

Eleftheria Ioannidou, (“Textual Monuments in Ruins: Michael Marmarinos’s Stagings of Greek Tragedy”)

Simona Jeselnik, (“The Quest for Actor’s Credibility”)

Jolanda Catharina Johanna de Jong, (“Deus in Space”)

Elena Kamilari, (“Radio Adaptations for the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation 1953-1967: Adaptation Strategies”)

Christiana Karapostolou, (“Greek farce – comedy: a special theatrical genre”)

Lauri Lehmann, (“The New Overbeck. A New Edition of the Greek and Latin Sources on Ancient Sculptors and Painters”)

Francesco Massa, (“Andre Gide´s Oedipus: Forbidden desire and Rebellion against Social Conventions”)

Rubini Moschochoriti, (“Impossible, A Modern Directorial Approach to Ancient Greek Drama?”)

Efi Papadodima, (“The Greek/ Barbarian Polarity in Fifth-Century Poetry: A Reassessment of Greek Attitudes to Foreigners”)

Patrizia Pinotti, (“The Mouse-trap: Understanding Revenge Tragedy in our Time”)

Ioanna Remediaki, (“The Translations of the Third Stasimon of Sophocles’ Antigone for the Modern Greek Stage. A Journey into Language (1863 – 2000)”)

Pauline Rochelle, (“Reaching Across the Diasporic Gulf C Shake Hands With the Real Agamemnon”)

John Rocha, (“The Birth of Agamemnon”)

Petros Vrachiotis, (“Classical Tragedies on Greek Civil War’s Prison Islands”)