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Work in progress 2010 Participants


Pauline Rochelle, (“Clytemnestra: Justifications of a murderer?”)

Anastasios Tyflopoulos, (“Non-verbal Language and the Performing Body in Aeschylus”)

Georgia Tsatsani, (“Muses and Graces on Stage: Transformations of Space in Performance Poetry”)

Tereza Sieglová, (“The Role of the Czech Theatre in the Velvet Revolution of 1989”)

Anna Banfi, (“Suppliants in Portopalo: ancient words for contemporary migrations”)

Burcu Seyben, (“Ancient Greek Plays and Turkish Cultural Policies in the Young Turkish Republic”)

Natasha Merkouri, (“Wounded soldiers: Ancient Greek Drama as a means of social intervention”)

Petros Vrachiotis, (“Persae versus Persians: Staging the Tragedy of the Defeated in the Greek Civil War”)

Stefano Caneva, (“’They were Soldiers’. Civil War, Lieux de Mémoire, and Anonymity through Aischylos’ Persae and Seven against Thebes.”)

Sofia Alagkiozidou, (“Political implications in Sophocles’ Trachiniae and in Ezra Pound’s Women of Trachis”)

Anastasia Remoundou-Howley,(“ A Suburban ‘Oresteia’: Simon Doyle’s Off Plan and the Architecture of Dispossession”)

Laure Petit, (“Focusing on the Chorus, in L. Fréchuret’s Medea”)

Tom Bruynooghe, (“Turning Aischulos into Eminem: How to adapt Aristofanes’ Frogs for and with teenagers”)

Susana Marques, (“Aristophanes on stage in The City”)

Hélia Correia, (“Troy and Delphi in Portugal”)

Jaime Rocha, (“The Island of Utopy – Philoctetes in Lemnos”)

Özlem Hemis, (“ On the Process of Creation: Ottoman miniature paintings and on the contemporary art.”)

Conor Hanratty, (“Theodoros Terzopoulos: In Search of Dionysus”)

Krystyna Mogilnicka, (“From an anthropological inspiration into a theatre practice. About The Theatre – a new performance of the Farm in the Cave Theatre Studio”)

Maria Theodosiou, (“Aesthetics of barbarism”)